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Mason McNair

Ph.D. Candidate


Office:   Miller Plant Sciences, Rm 2509


Twitter: @SarraceniaMason

Dissertation Focus

My research focuses on inter- and intra-specific taxonomic delineation. Using North American Cercis (Redbuds) as a model system, I employ both genomic and morphometric approaches to identify the gene(s) underlying the phenotypic traits used to define species, subspecies, varieties, and forms within Cercis. Using a pluralistic approach to taxonomy I combine data from herbaria, common gardens, in-situ and ex-situ populations to make taxonomic determinations. My goal is to establish a robust pipeline for taxonomic delimitation, minimizing impacts on natural populations, and maximizing the utility of the data for conservation efforts.


Carnivorous Plant Horticulture

Improvement of horticultural techniques with carnivorous plants is both a passion project and research interest. My interests are largely in increasing propagation efficacy using both vegetative and tissue culture techniques and improving knowledge of optimal growth conditions for carnivorous plants.

3D Printing for Biological Science

My aim is to enable affordable scientific research for myself, underfunded labs, citizen scientists, and underserved communities by creating simple, 3D printable designs. I've created numerous pieces 3D printable lab equipment such as the BeadMag and BAIR systems. All of my designs are freely available to print on my profile.

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